Welcome to CP Swim Team


2013 Season Swim Team Reps - Ann Repczynski
Head Coach - Tim Peterson

Division: 4 (CP is seeded second)
Competitors: Sully Station II, Dunn Loring, Langley, Hunter Mill, and Riverside Gardens.

We will again field two “B” swim meet teams, Crosspointe Blue and Crosspointe White. Because we dwarf the other teams in the Burke/Springfield Developmental League, Crosspointe is allowed to field two “B” teams simultaneously. Every Monday night one Cruiser “B” meet team hosts a swim meet, while the other travels to an away meet. Team assignments are made after registration is complete. We do our best to keep carpooling families, best friends, etc. together on the same team to enhance the summer fun. Parent volunteers to work the meets will be an absolute must. There will be no ranking among or between the “B” teams; the two teams are intended to maximize the competitive swimming opportunities for all of our swimmers. A schedule of “B” meets / locations will be provided in the near future.

NVSL “A” Swim Meet Schedule/Results:

Saturday, June 15 Time Trials @ CP
Saturday, June 22 CP @ Hunter Mill (results)
Saturday, June 29 Langley @ CP (results)
Saturday, July 6 CP @ Riverside Gardens (results)
Wednesday, July 10 Relay Carnival @ Dunn Loring (results)
Saturday, July 13 Dunn Loring @ CP (results)
Wednesday, July 17 All-Star Relay Carnival @ Lincolnia Park (results)
Saturday, July 20 Sully Station II @ CP (results)
Saturday, July 27 Division 3 Championships @ Sully Station II (results)
Saturday, August 3 NVSL All-Star Meet @ Annandale

"B" Meet Schedule

Monday, July 8 Blue Home, White Away
Monday, July 15 White Home, Blue Away